Newport Pagnell Partnership Gardening Group

Have you ever or recently taken a walk through any of the Newport Pagnell Town’s Public Gardens or Old Cemetery?

gardening-groupNewport Pagnell “Partnership Gardening” is a small group of volunteers who meet regularly Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Ousebank Gardens maintaining the gardens and Old Cemetery.

A second group “Pathways Gardening” whas formed as a result of the litter pick day held earlier this year and they meet Tuesday morning re-claiming and re-planting the garden area behind the Catholic Church in Bury Avenue known as Taylors Garden.

If you are interested in joining either group or forming a group of you own to re-claim a neglected area in the Town then contact either John on 01908 611396 or Barbara on 019081 616476.

Road Lining Programme

White Lines

White lines.

An extensive white lining program has been undertaken by Milton Keynes Council, thanks to a Liberal Democrat amendment to the budget.

Many of the lines painted were as a result of the local ward Councilors bringing them to the attention of the Highways department.


Double Yellow lines at Bury St. & Silver St. junction.

The budget, however, did not extend to Double Yellow Lines (DYL) however, due to the urgency, the DYL’s have been repainted at the junction of Bury Street and Silver Street Newport Pagnell.

These lines had totally faded and as such they were not considered by motorists and were unenforceable.

Ward Councillor Budgets

The 3 ward Councillors, Cllrs. Paul Alexander, Douglas McCall and Derek Eastman have all been given a ward budget to spend n local, worthwhile causes.

If you feel that your organization would benefit from some money to enhance a particular project please let us know by emailing to .

In the past money has been given to the Christmas Lights, the Carnival, Senior Citizen Clubs, Schools, Winter Night Shelter, local Scouts, Voluntary and Charity Organisation to name a few.

Residents take pride in enhancing the street name plates.


St Margarets CloseLocal residents in St. Margaret’s Close Newport Pagnell have taken pride in doing magnificent flower displays at the end of their road. They have planted an array of seasonal plants not only in beds under the street name plates but also around a number of lamp post.

One of the residents responsible for this superb work said that they enjoyed the work and it makes the mundane items such as street signs and lamp post look much more attractive. Make a point of looking at them when you are passing.

Redrow Housing Development on old Aston Martin Site – Newport Pagnell


Aston Martin heritage buildings which are part of the Redrow Development

Following the withdrawal by Tesco, Redrow Homes are hoping to submit a planning application to Milton Keynes Council on 6th October. This is for them to build around 86 properties on the site previously owned by Aston Martin in Tickford Street Newport Pagnell.

Redrow Homes have made many changes to the original plans as a result of comments from local residents plus the Town Council and the ward Councillors for Newport Pagnell South.

One of the major considerations will be for the use of the 3 Aston Martin Heritage buildings to ensure that they are retained and put into active use possibly as an Aston Martin museum.

Many Roads Re-Surfaced

Road SurfacingA number of roads in the Newport Pagnell South Ward have been resurfaced recently.

Milton Keynes Council has decided to use the new Micro Surfacing technique which is around 45% of the cost of traditional road surface treatment and this means more roads can be resurfaced

Micro-Surfacing is a polymer modified, asphalt emulsion based, dense graded, cold mixed, quick setting, asphalt resurfacing material. It is designed to be applied in a semi-liquid condition with a specialized mixing and paving machine. By design it chemically changes from a semi-liquid material to a dense cold mix material that is able to carry normal traffic within one hour after application.


Old Aston Martin Site in Newport Pagnell to be considered for housing development.

An application will be put forward to MK Council in Febrary by Redrow Homes to build 91 dwellings on the old Aston Martin site which planned to be purchased from Tesco’s subject to Redrow  Homes getting planning permission.

Redrow Homes is anxious to obtain planning permission for the development but would like to give the 3 heritage building to Aston Martins Owners Club for them to refurbish and put back into active use.

Aston Martin 3 heritage buildingsThe 3 buildings are the 3 story building, built in 1910 for motor car manufacturing and is the only building of its type in UK fully equipped with a lift to move cars to different areas. Also the 2 story building, originally called the “Old Stable Block” so named because it was for building horse drawn carriages; formed in 1830 by Joseph Salmon. Finally “Sunnyside”, the white building built in 1860, originally as two semi-detached buildings and became Aston Martin’s Global HQ in the early 1960’s.

Extensive negotiations between Aston Martin Owners Club and Redrow Homes regarding the terms and conditions of this transaction have been taking place. As Aston Martin Owners Club would be renovating these buildings to be used as a heritage museums, part of the negotiations involve clarification on car parking spaces in this vicinity for their use.


Footpath from Chicheley Street to Leary Crescent Newport Pagnell has been cleared

Chicheley St Leary Cres path clearanceThe Footpath from Chicheley Street to Leary Crescent Newport Pagnell has been cleared.

The trees and undergrowth have been overgrown for a long time and has got so bad that one of the three street lighting columns was totally ineffective in terms of providing light on the footpath.

The situation became very dangerous and after intervention from Cllrs. Paul Alexander , Douglas McCall and Derek Eastman, the work was recently completed.

3/4 trees – all diseased – were removed reducing danger of falling branches. Also a great deal of undergrowth was cut back

Members of the public can now walk along this path without any danger.

Silver Street Newport Pagnell Car park pothole repairs

Silver Street Car Park before repairs to potholes

Silver Street Car Park before repairs to potholes

Silver Street Car Park after the potholes have been repaired

Silver Street Car Park after the potholes have been repaired

The car park in Silver Street Newport Pagnell near to St. John’s Street has eventually been repaired.

The condition of the entrance to this car park has been reported to the Lib. Dem Focus team for a long time but it was not considered to be important enough to be repaired.

The potholes were in excess of the intervention level of 50mm – in some cases they were approaching 100mm – and was causing a great danger to motorists, motor cyclists and cyclists.

Cllr. Paul Alexander spoke at great length to a senior highways officer  at Milton Keynes Council and the job to repair the entrance road was escalated.

This is a great improvement on the original situation.