Weeds in Gutters getting difficult to live with.

The weeds along the roadway of Hainault Avenue, the main road through Giffard Park, are in a bad condition..

The Ward Councilors for Newport Pagnell and Giffard Park Ward tried putting pressure on MK Council but have been told that the budget is allowing for 1 cut per year.

 This situation is not confined to Giffard Park and Blakelands but includes Newport Pagnell South as well.



Work being done on trees near Newport Pagnell Parish Church

The prestigious Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Newport Pagnell has for many years been obscured by trees, tree branches and shrubbery.


This Church, which dates from 1100 and has been added to over the years to what you see today.

We are able to report that a local Charity organisation has agreed to finance the work, in connection with Milton Keynes Council.

This work should have been completed during August 2017 and will ensure the safety of The Church and its parishioners.

The true splendour of the Church will be visible again very soon.

Long delay in getting Newport Pagnell Bridge Lanterns repaired

The situation on the lanterns on the iron bridge is not very encouraging,

Heritage England, who oversee any work on listed buildings or structures has insisted that the 2 lanterns for the Iron Bridge be returned to their specialist sub-contractor for repair.

However, since this company has recently moved premises it is only now that they are in a position to start work on them.

 In addition Heritage England insist that the circuits to the lanterns are re-wired in the same cable as the original – this was undertaken during the 1940s and this cable is hard to find, and will cause a further delay.



Bench in High Street repaired

We are pleased to report that the damaged bench along the High Street has recently been repaired.


The old back that had been snapped off from the seat was taken away for safe keeping and a bracket added to repair it.


At first MK Council were not going to repair it because of lack of money, but because of pressure put on them they eventually carried out the repair.


Loss of Mains Electrical Power on Sat. 19th Aug.

Work has been progressing towards installing power onto the Redrow housing development in Tickford Street Newport Pagnell.

There are many electricity mains cables plus gas & water pipes  and telephone cables in a close area.

So much so that when the contractors were excavating the ground on Sat. 19th they accidently hit a mains cable meaning that a large number residences loss their electricity supply from around 2pm and it was reinstated around 3.30pm

Newport Pagnell Partnership Gardening Group

Have you ever or recently taken a walk through any of the Newport Pagnell Town’s Public Gardens or Old Cemetery?

gardening-groupNewport Pagnell “Partnership Gardening” is a small group of volunteers who meet regularly Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Ousebank Gardens maintaining the gardens and Old Cemetery.

A second group “Pathways Gardening” whas formed as a result of the litter pick day held earlier this year and they meet Tuesday morning re-claiming and re-planting the garden area behind the Catholic Church in Bury Avenue known as Taylors Garden.

If you are interested in joining either group or forming a group of you own to re-claim a neglected area in the Town then contact either John on 01908 611396 or Barbara on 019081 616476.

Road Lining Programme

White Lines

White lines.

An extensive white lining program has been undertaken by Milton Keynes Council, thanks to a Liberal Democrat amendment to the budget.

Many of the lines painted were as a result of the local ward Councilors bringing them to the attention of the Highways department.


Double Yellow lines at Bury St. & Silver St. junction.

The budget, however, did not extend to Double Yellow Lines (DYL) however, due to the urgency, the DYL’s have been repainted at the junction of Bury Street and Silver Street Newport Pagnell.

These lines had totally faded and as such they were not considered by motorists and were unenforceable.

Ward Councillor Budgets

The 3 ward Councillors, Cllrs. Paul Alexander, Douglas McCall and Derek Eastman have all been given a ward budget to spend n local, worthwhile causes.

If you feel that your organization would benefit from some money to enhance a particular project please let us know by emailing to .


In the past money has been given to the Christmas Lights, the Carnival, Senior Citizen Clubs, Schools, Winter Night Shelter, local Scouts, Voluntary and Charity Organisation to name a few.